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Successful ProductDevelopmentProcesses Factors and Conditions
Successful ProductDevelopmentProcesses Factors and Conditions

Steinbeis Engineering Study 2012 - Part 1: Results of Survey

Steinbeis-Stiftung (Ed.)

ISBN 978-3-943356-76-2 2013 | E-Book (PDF), fbg. | 86 S., engl.

Art.-Nr.: 162876

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React more and more quickly to customer demands, even though products are becoming increasingly complex, and business structures keep changing. These are the typical challenges companies now face if they want to remain competitive and keep up performance. But to do this, they need an efficient product development process.

  • Does your company have the right knowledge and efficient methods for this?
  • Are you geared to react quickly and effectively to challenges?

The Steinbeis Engineering Study 2012 sheds light on the factors and conditions contributing to successful product development processes within companies. After providing initial insights into current success factors, problems and possible solutions in the product development process, the aim of the study is to reveal unexploited potential and make full use of this potential.
The Steinbeis Engineering Study 2012 is based on a survey of 280 people working for companies in the manufacturing industry in Germany. The respondents work at companies of all sizes and across all departments involved in the product development process. They provided information on company structures, processes, interfaces and information flows, and last but not least, the role played by individual employees in the product development process. The results of this first-stage survey were then followed up by in-depth telephone interviews with people working for a variety of companies in a variety of departments.

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