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General Management Tools
General Management Tools

Kurt Nagel | Werner G. Faix et. al.

ISBN 978-3-943356-55-7 2013 (3. Aufl.) | Gebunden, s/w | 681 S., engl.

Art. Nr.: 161236
49,90 € *

This edition of the Steinbeis University Berlin's SCHOOL OF INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP (SIBE) introduces readers to the most important topics in the field of general management.
The book contains essential tools, instruments and methods for:

  • Analyzing a company's CURRENT situation
  • Analyzing a company's FRAMEWORK
  • Development STRATEGIC CONCEPTS for defining a company's chances, risks, objectives and strategics
  • Developing STRATEGIES for achieving business objectives.

When correctly used, transferred and implemented, the General Management Tools help sustain the success of companies and their business areas.

Eine Publikation der Steinbeis School of International Business and Entrepreneurship GmbH