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Modelling and Reporting with SAP® BW
Modelling and Reporting with SAP® BW

Peter Lehmann, Klaus Freyburger, Andreas Seufert, Wolfgang Zirn, Sven Grasse, Christian Suhl

ISBN 978-3-938062-44-9 2006 | Softcover, s/w | 224 S., engl.

Art.-Nr.: 139392

The SAP® Business Information Warehouse becomes progressively more important as the infrastructure for corporate analysis and management. The aim of this books is to provide a general understanding for the terms in the data warehouse area. Based on this, it will teach the functionality and applications of SAP® BW together with its analysis and reporting aspects. In this respect, it'll be focusing on the Administrator Workbench as a tool for modelling multidimensional information structures, together with the potential to analyse data from the end-users' perspective as well as identifying some of the key functions to create web-based companywide reports. With a case study for the analysis of key sales figures, the functions of SAP® BW are introduced step by step and explained in detail. This book is addressed to everybody who wants to read up quickly, comprehensively and practically on SAP® BW and therefore especially to decision makers, consultants and project collaborators. Last but not least, it is especially suitable for lecturers and university students.

Eine Publikation des Steinbeis-Transfer-Instituts Business Intelligence / SAP-Reihe

Die Publikation entstand in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Steinbeis-Transfer-Institut Business Intelligence (IBI) der Steinbeis-Hochschule. Ziel des 2004 gegründeten Instituts ist der Aufbau, die Weiterentwicklung und die Vernetzung von Wissen zwischen Hochschulen und Praxispartnern auf dem Gebiet Business Intelligence. Hierzu führt das IBI gemeinsam mit seinen Partnern anwendungsorientierte Forschungsprojekte, Weiterbildungsmaßnahmen und Events durch. // Stand: 01/2018