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International Business Law Projects
International Business Law Projects

Volume 1

Eva Feldbaum, Stefanie Kisgen, Werner G. Faix (Eds.)

ISBN 978-3-95663-220-4 2019 | Hardcover, fbg. | 388 S., engl.

Art.-Nr.: 209800
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SIBE Law School, Steinbeis University Berlin presents with great pleasure a selection of law projects worked out by our LL.M. students during their 16 months study time. With this compendium, we intend to give an insight into one of the LL.M. program's essentials, the law project, and to show the high actuality and their particular importance in the fields of international business law. Our LL.M. program which is carried out totally online and in English language combines the study with practical relevance and the individual professional interests of the participants. The book gathers summarized works in selected fields of international business law.
The subjects of the works presented in this compendium refer to a great variety of important topics: unification tendencies in international sales law, the developments of competition law and the specific fields of its application such as sports, the harmonization in international intellectual property law, the piercing of the veil doctrine in corporation law, post-merger integration, business successions in a comparative view, public-private partnership as a new cooperation form, and transnational data protection. These topics are examples and show the broad orientation of the program in the multiple and dynamically developing area of international business law.

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