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Transfer Entrepreneurship
Transfer Entrepreneurship

A brief summary based on a detailed study – citing the example of the Steinbeis Transfer Centers

Michael Auer

ISBN 978-3-938062-04-3 2010 (3. aktual. Aufl.) | Spiralbindung, fbg. | 42 S., engl.

Art. Nr.: 143813
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Appropriate organisational structures and forms (systems) of transfer are required for the effective and efficient implementation of knowledge-based technologies. The results gained from the assessment of current technology transfer systems vary greatly: however the findings again and again show that it is an exception rather than a rule for this transfer to function correctly. What is commonly referred to as a "Transfer Center" ("Transfer Enterprise") can form an appropriate and fully functioning form of organisation in which entrepreneurial activities form a focal point of the so called "transfer entrepreneurship". A successful transfer entrepreneur is better in using his personal parameters, is more active on the business side and creates his own appropriate organisation. He also achieves a higher degree of economically recognised success in the transfer of Technology.


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