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Aligning the resilience-related research efforts in the EU-DRS projects (Non-Print)
Aligning the resilience-related research efforts in the EU-DRS projects (Non-Print)

Joint Workshop DRS-7&14 projects | Brussels, September 13–14, 2017

Aleksandar Jovanovic, Emanuele Bellini (Eds.)

ISBN 978-3-95663-143-6 2017 | E-Book (PDF), fbg. | 165 S., engl.

Art. Nr.: 198138
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This Joint Workshop DRS-7&14 projects entitled ''Aligning the resilience-related research efforts in the EU DRS projects'' takes place in conjunction with the Community of Users Meeting of September 12, 2017. The main issue tackled at the workshop is simple: new approaches to the resilience assessment and management methods, new guidelines and new tools are being developed in many current EU projects. Obviously, these development efforts should be consistent and aligned, but it is often not easy to achieve this goal in practice - this workshop should help in this sense.
The Workshop intends to go beyond simple presentations of project results. It will include intensive exchange of opinions, confronting the ideas, identifying clearly the pros and cons of different approaches and highlighting paths and opportunities for integration of results from different DRS projects. The Workshop involves over 150 practitioners, developers and decisions makers eager to find the best way to harmonize, integrate and enhance the project outcomes, and achieve tangible impact at the European level. International/global aspects of the successful resilience approaches are tackled, too, mainly thanks to the contributions of the OECD and the US participants. Training courses and an ''interaction space'', including project information exhibition booths and the room for perspectivity challenge board games, complete the scope of the workshop.
The workshop and the meetings, will be a unique opportunity to share experience in resilience and risk governance, communication, analysis and management, also by means of person-to-person talks, not only among the projects partners but also among all the interested stakeholders in Europe and worldwide.