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Social Impact Investment Community Strategy for the Danube region
Social Impact Investment Community Strategy for the Danube region

20 recommendations to boost social entrepreneurs and impact investors

Clémentine Roth | Katrin Hochberg, Tamás Szenttási, Anna Mészarós (Eds.)

ISBN 978-3-95663-190-0 2023 | E-Book (PDF), fbg. | 86 S., engl.

Art.-Nr.: 221252
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Social entrepreneurship has become increasingly relevant in today’s economy, and has also emerged among the Danube region. The Danube macro-region currently lags behind global trends in the field of social entrepreneurship and social impact investments. There is currently a lack of social impact investors and policies to support the improvement of social impact investment markets. Even though the field of social impact investment is thriving and rapidly growing, it remains at a nascent stage, inefficient and too fragmented. There is a growing awareness, interest and demand from the investing side (banks, private investors, business angels). However, (patient) capital still has difficulty to move across borders. Whereas the investing side is now ready to invest in social enterprises, investors often face the following problem: there are not enough assets (that is social enterprises) that need investments or are investable.

This Social Impact Investment (SII) Community Strategy for the Danube region developed in the frame of the project Finance4Social-Change is a macro-regional strategy aiming at developing social impact investment markets by facilitating and boosting social impact investments and strengthening and supporting the sustainability and scalability of social enterprises. It contains 20 general and transnational recommendations for the whole Danube region at four different levels – decision making, social entrepreneurship, social impact investing and civil society – taking into account the diversity of the countries and their social impact investment markets within this macro-region. The implementation of these recommendation should lead to the development of social impact investment markets by a facilitation and boosting of social entrepreneurs as well as impact investors and in general to an improvement of the ecosystem they are embedded in.

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