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Investing for Innovation in Africa
Investing for Innovation in Africa

A review of the African innovation landscape and its key actors

Faith Blakemore, Jan Timo Walter (Lead Authors)

ISBN 978-3-95663-283-9 2023 | Softcover, fbg. | 120 S., engl.

Art.-Nr.: 222805
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Whether it be through its market or its natural resources, Africa has an undeniable potential to fulfil its potential in the upcoming decades. This is especially true regarding the continent’s technological and entrepreneurial innovation output, for which there are strong opportunities for acceleration through international and cross-sectoral cooperation. As the domain of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) increasingly relies on collaboration, it becomes fundamental to be aware of Africa’s key players, opportunities and challenges. This way the European Union and different European agents can contribute to and benefit from the strengthening of the African innovative landscape.

This report offers a high-level overview of the development of the innovative capabilities present across the African continent. From the Maghreb to the Serengeti, from incubators to venture capital investors, this publication provides a detailed panorama of the way different countries are positively impacting regional and global markets, through analysing core indicators in the field of innovation jointly with insights on the opportunities they represent. When one considers the region’s idiosyncrasies,such as its youthful and growing population, rising internet usage, and the application of emerging technologies; it becomes clear that the future global market is destined to be shaped by the innovative solutions that will come from this influential continent.


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