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Future of biofuels and other alternative fuels in aviation
Future of biofuels and other alternative fuels in aviation

Modeling economic and environmental impacts of possible scenarios of biofuels and alternative fuels use in aviation

Aleksandar Jovanovic, Delija Balos, Peter Klimek, Flor Angela Quintero Chamorro

ISBN 978-3-943356-18-2 2012 | Softcover, s/w | 122 S., engl.

Art.-Nr.: 155647

This document presents the summary report of the work package on socio-economic analysis in the EU project Alfa-Bird (Alternative Fuels and Biofuels for Aircraft Development, No. ACP7-GA-2008-213266). The work package has been coordinated by Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies (R-Tech), as member of EU-VRi (European Virtual Institute for Integrated Risk Management), in collaboration with the project partners IFPEN (IFP Energies Nouvelles), INERIS (Institut National de l‘Environnement Industriel et des Risques), and AIRBUS. The overall coordination of the project was done by EU-VRi.
The work package has achieved its goals by delivering a methodology and the tool for economic and environmental impact analysis of different possible scenarios for the production and use of biofuels and other alternative fuels in aviation, involving various decisions and market development options / parameters. The time-horizon of the economic model is up to the year 2030.
Excerpts from end-user comments:
... congratulation for achieving this report ... a truly interesting read …
… This model is flexible enough to include modules describing the behavior of relevant stakeholders. The team has the skills needed to create realistic models of relevant human behavior.  

Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Jovanovic is the director of the Steinbeis Advanced Risk Technologies group in Stuttgart, Germany providing consultancy in the areas of risk assessment and management for industry and public sector. As of 2006, he is also the CEO of the European Virtual Institute for Integrated Risk Management (EU-VRi). // As of: 06/2019
Weitere Autoren: Delija Balos, Peter Klimek, Flor Angela Quintero Chamorro